Sand Hollow is a popular gathering place once summer hits in Southern Utah. Our jet ski rentals offer the perfect way to spend a hot, summer day. The machines we provide can handle up to 3 passengers, and well maintained for your safety. We’re flexible. Whether you want them for an hour or a full day, we can accommodate.

Give us a call for a for any questions you might have.

St. George jet ski rental

Weekend Getaway With Friends

Grab a pair of machines, and you’re set for the trip of the summer! With our rental packages, we can work with your plans.

No truck? No problem. We can meet you at the lake anytime and drop them off. You can keep them for 24 hours, or reserve multi-day jet ski rentals.

Day On The Lake

If you’re heading out to spend the day at Sand Hollow or Quail Creek, don’t forget to grab some jet skis. With our tow-away reservations, you can pick them up as early as you’d like on your way out of town.

Call or send us a message to check availability and reserve for any given date.

Birthday Party

Let’s get this party started! With our full and half day rentals, the day can go as long as you want. Jet skis are an easy way to entertain your children and their friends at any age.

We’ve got 3up machines, so you can legally tow on them. There’s nothing better than a summer birthday party spent on the tube!

Family Reunion

Do you have a family reunion coming up? Sand Hollow is only 20 minutes from St. George, and an hour or two out on the lake is the perfect addition to all the reunion fun!

With multiple jet skis available at Sand Hollow, we can help make this year’s get together one to remember.

Saint George Jet Ski Rentals

Saint George becomes a getaway destination once things heat up. With Navajo Lake and Lake Mead 1-2 hours in either direction, you’ve got plenty of options to spend a weekend exploring somewhere new.

Our St. George jet ski rentals are convenient and hassle-free. Take these machines wherever you want, for as long as you need them.

Lake Powell Rentals

We provide weekly and multi-day jet ski rentals for Lake Powell and are happy to work with you. For tow-away reservations, we can meet near St. George so you can grab them on your way out of town. If you need them delivered, we can meet you in Page (fee will apply).

Renting outside of Antelope Marina will help save you time and money when you get out on the lake.

Book Your Rental

“These guys are the best! They are quick to respond and willing to work with your schedule. Met us early at the lake and picked them up at the end of the day. If you’re looking for some solid jet ski rentals, Flow is the way to go.” – Raegan S.

Book in advance to ensure that your Sand Hollow jet ski rentals are taken care of ahead of time. Let us help make the start to your lake day as simple as possible!

Why Choose Flow Jet Ski Rentals?

Flexible Scheduling & Delivery Options

Getting everything to fit into one schedule you have for the day can be a headache. We get that! If you need us to meet you at the lake, or somewhere in town we can make it happen. If you want to pick them up early for a quick start to your day, we will be there to get it done.

Call and reserve in advance if you have specific days you would like some machines so we can be sure to have what you need.

Sand Hollow Jet Ski Rentals At The Best Price

At Flow, we don’t think a day of fun should break the bank. Our rentals are set at affordable rates starting at $200/day.

With our multi-day discounts, your daily price drops to $150/day if you book for 3-4 days.

If you need machines for 5-7+ days, you get our weekly discounted rate.

Sand Hollow Jet Ski Rentals At The Best Price

At Flow, we don’t think a day of fun should break the bank. Our rentals are set at affordable rates starting at $200/day.

With our multi-day discounts, your daily price drops to $150/day if you book for 3-4 days.

If you need machines for 5-7+ days, you get our weekly discounted rate.

#GoRentFlow For Your Sand Hollow Jet Ski Rentals

You have to admit when it comes to having an adventurous vacation at the beach or lake, nothing beats a jet ski rental. Whether you are a novice or a skilled rider, nothing is anywhere near as thrilling as nailing sick jet ski stunts. During summer vacation, our jet ski rentals offer exclusive and affordable options for both amateurs and vetted riders. Riding on a jet ski not only offers unconditional fun and enjoyment but also adds health benefits to your everyday life.

Let’s dive into our article that reveals all the insightful details and cool things to do with jet skis.

The most inexpensive option to have fun in the water

When it comes to vacationing in the scorching heat of summer, water is the best place to be. And nothing beats jet skiing in the calm water against the sandy beaches in Lake Powell, Sand Hollow or other areas in Southern Utah. Just pick up one of our Sea-Doo Spark Trixx machines and learn to do new tricks in the water.

Summer vacation doesn’t come cheap, so you have to spend your money wisely. That’s where Flow jet ski rentals come in.

Enjoy your alone-time or ask your friends to join

If you are a lone traveler, jet skiing is the best option for your summer vacation. Rent one from your local jet ski rental and skirt through Sand Hollow Reservoir and enjoy your solitude of a fun day out in the water. Get up early and take a trip around Lake Powell exploring different areas. Also, if you are not a fan of swimming then jet skiing can give you the luxury of enjoying the water without ever getting into it!

Spending your summer days with your friends, jet skis can still be the best option for you. Other than splashing and motoring around the lake, you can enjoy the summer heat by doing many water sports like exploring, learning new tricks or racing.

Jet skis are handy, quick and fairly easy to drive. Whether you want to go for a ride in the river, lake or ocean, a jet ski can provide you with an adventure. Choose your machine wisely and the open waters are all yours.

Go exploring, have fun racing and make new friends

Jet skis are perfect for exploring – they are fast, quick, handy and maneuverable. Riding a jet ski gives you options for skirting through built-up areas quickly, slowing down when you want to enjoy a more scenic view, stopping for a quick lunch break or taking pictures.

Nothing gives you more thrill than racing your jet ski with your friends out in the open water while enjoying the trees on the banks shooting past and leaning into the bends of a windy lake. Get your travel buddies together and see who can make it down the lake fastest.

Jet ski racing is always a great idea if you are looking for making new friends. A good ice breaker is to just compliment them on their jet ski model or the color, even if you think yours is better than them.

Jet ski rental vs boat rental

If you are looking for a perfect summer holiday, then a lake trip to Lake Powell is the best choice for you. From jet skiing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, wake surfing, tubing to kneeboarding, Lake Powell has many water activities to offer.

A powerful 3up Sea-Doo Spark Trixx is enough to pull a single wakeboarder or tube. You don’t always have to have the boat to have a good time.

Jet ski rental has various advantages when compared to renting a speedboat:

  • Jet ski rentals are cheaper than speedboats
  • Easy to operate and control
  • Access to restricted waterways other boats may not fit in
  • You can easily switch between salt to fresh water with a jet ski
  • Towing a jet ski with a car is much easier than towing a speedboat

Benefits of jet ski riding

Like other water sports, jet skiing has many health benefits. Sitting and crouching on a jet ski can improve your hip and lumbar spine by stretching your lower-back muscles. While jet skiing, you need to constantly change your speed when you are going through waves. This improves your coordination and balance.

If you are struggling with losing weight then jet skiing can be the most fun manner to do so. On average, you can burn up to 230-240 calories with only half an hour of jet skiing. While jet skiing, you are constantly working your arm and leg muscles, thereby, resulting in strengthening your muscles. Jet skiing also helps to gain more strength in your abdominal area as you use it to keep the watercraft balanced.

Other than burning extra calories and strengthening your muscles, jet skiing can also take part in improving your cardiovascular system and endurance. It facilitates an increase the blood circulation, brings more oxygen and nutrients to your body tissue and removes body waste faster. Jet ski riding can improve your endurance as you are motoring through tough waves.

Now, jet ski rentals are more and more available than before. Especially if you’re planning to spend your next vacation in Southern Utah, our jet ski rentals have more affordable family options than any other company. Our jet ski models can take up to 3 people simultaneously, which gives your vacation budget a break and provides your family with carefree and quality time together.

Get On The Water

We are currently running 14 machines, and tend to book out a week or two in advance. If you know the dates of your trip, get on our schedule early to make sure we've got what you need.

Fill out the form, text, or call (435) 668-6328 to book your reservations today.